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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dream and it will come...

it has been hard to make a creative space in my home for painting. challenges have been finding a room in the house that works. i tried the basement ....too dark and confining for me. actually painted in the kitchen area for awhile. that is hard when you want to entertain...putting everything away, pulling it all back out again ...not easy! although i did enjoy being around steven and andrew for the social aspects!! finally redid my very own room to call my own. it's wonderful to be able to walk into this new space. i feel validated. i still wish i had a larger space. i keep putting my dreams into the universe. i believe that if you dream it will come.

1 comment:

thomas kovacich said...

Nice blog Pamela!
I know what you mean about the difficulty in finding a space to work that fills your needs.